Caps Lock Indicator

Historically the keyboard has 3 light indicators for Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock. When laptops and notebook computers become more popular than desktops, stand-alone keyboards have gone.

Laptop manufacturers very often place light-indicators for keyboard locks in invisible places (under the hand for example) so it is hard to determine the state of Caps Lock in a single look. Moreover, there are a number of notebook models that have not light indicators at all!

People who like stand-alone keyboards have another problem: modern keyboards are wireless. It uses small batteries, so any additional power consumption (like LEDs indicators) is prohibited. Most wire-less keyboards have no light indicators, including Caps Lock.

Software Caps Lock indicator

A logical solution for missing hardware Caps Lock indicator - show the state of Caps Lock right on the screen. There are few software utilities to do this:

  • Caps Lock Indicator is a special software to indicate status of Caps Lock only. There are tray icon, semitransparent floating text, and notification by different sounds when Caps Lock is turning on and off. Software has 30-day free trial and costs $9.95 per license.
  • Keyboard LEDs is a free set of indicators for Num, Caps and Scroll lock. Software shows Caps Lock indicator as composite icon in the system notification area. Also there is an option to show floating on-screen text with lock status.
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